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March into these FABulous Finds!


Hey girl!

Welcome to the most FAB makeup blog there is out there! Stay tuned and look forward to monthly nuggets on what's poppin' in the makeup industry, tips to keep your makeup FABulous, product highlights and once in a while you may even spot a Fab face here or there. Basically.....I'm here to talk about anything that I think is pretty and dope and pretty dope for you to know about.

So here we go...let's march into March with this month's Product Highlight.

I have been LOVING this new addition to my kit! Trust me when I say....IT. IS. STRAIGHT. GAG! What is it?! Please allow me to introduce you to the Christian Dior Highlighter Quad "Backstage Glow".

I've tried TONS of highlighters, even made some of my own...but girl, trust me when I say this fits ALL skin tones and gives the skin a sheen that just melts into your makeup. Yum right?! Looking for a natural glow? Add it to bare, freshly moisturized skin. Looking for a POPPIN' highlight? Add it on top of your makeup. Where and how to put it? I thought you'd never ask..use your fingers and pat it on gently...or use a brush and swipe it on your face on the zones shown below. Simple enough right!


Pro Tip of the Month

Whew chile! It's getting HOT outside...spring and summer are upon us but we still wanna keep our makeup fresh and Fab with a good setting spray. Spritz a little on before you apply your makeup to awaken your skin, keep cool or give your makeup something to adhere to. Want your makeup to stay in place a little longer? After your makeup is on, spritz it on again. Looking to refresh your makeup when the heat starts cranking up and to get rid of that icky feeling, give your face a spritz! My go to sprays are below.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Use this gem before you apply your makeup to help it adhere or after for a longer lasting application.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Setting Spray

Give your face a spritz of this before your makeup application to awaken the skin or after to refresh.


Beauty of the Month

I'm all into this bright pop of color on minimal skin on Ms. TiMarie! Get into it sis! All colors achieved using Fenty Beauty's Stunna Lip Paints "Uncensored" and "Unlocked" and Kat Von D's liquid lipstick "A Go Go".

Let's be safe guys!

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, let's be safe guys and remember the following tips to keep ourselves and our loved ones Corona free!

1. Wash hands often and least 20 seconds of rubbing with soap and water.

2. No access to soap and water...sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

3. When we cough or mindful of those around us and sneeze into a tissue (throw away immediately) or your elbow. Never into the air or your hands!

4. Try not to touch your face, nose or eyes.

5. As much as you can...avoid crowds so that we can put a halt to the spread.

Okay, so that's all I've got for yall this month. Did you enjoy it? Found it helpful? Want more? Keep a lookout for next month's post and always remember to be FABulous!


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